An educational dinosaur excacation board game

Kickstarter campaign on until June 30, 2019
Delivery for September and October of 2019
Dino-Digz is my second game about palaeontology. Roars and Rattles has been alot of fun, but I found that people said the educational aspect a little overwhelming.

I designed Dino-Digz to be more action packed, and fun while still having some educational component.

In Dino-Digz, the focus of the game is going on "field excavations" and piecing together the animals like real palaeontologists do in a dig site.

My favourite part is buying museum exhibits, and trading them with other players. That is what I used to do afterall, build exhibits, and trade specimens. The images in the corners of the board are either exhibits that I built, or own the moulds to.

The dinosaur puzzle pieces are just downright fun. They are still made by hand, like Roars and Rattles, but they are not scientific replicas. I started by buying cookie cutters (I swear bought them with the intention of making cookies for my kids) but then ended up making plastic replicas of the cookies and chopping them up into puzzle pieces with my bandsaw. My culinary skills are amazing. How all of my kitchen equipment winds up in my shop still surprises me, even after all of these years.
Brachiosaur Femur       Bench Cards
Excavation Cards